Right Hook Picture Hanging Service

You can trust us to hang your pictures

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You frame photos, paintings & canvases - for others to admire

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You're a picture framer - but from time to time you get asked to hang your own creations. 

So you could shut up shop or even work after hours...but do you really want to?
  • Why not point your clients in our direction instead.  We'll make sure your framed works look a treat on their walls.
  • We can also collaborate with you while you're framing a piece, such as suggesting special hangers where needed. 
  • If required, we can help out with frame selection where we've suggested to one of our clients that reframing is in order.
  • We are happy to recommend good local framers to our clients - and we do get asked! (Though in fairness to you, we wouldn't dream of sending your own satisfied client to someone else!) 

Both your client and your referral are valuable to us.  So it's our policy to call you after a picture hanging is completed and let you know how it went.

With so many years experience as former picture framers ourselves, we talk your language!