Right Hook Picture Hanging Service

You can trust us to hang your pictures

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You sell artwork, mirrors & pictures - for others to buy

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When you own an Art Gallery or Décor Shop, big and beautiful paintings adorn your walls - but out the door they must go! 

  • Does your client LOVE that big splashy modern canvas ... but won't buy it because she doesn't know where to put it?
  • Is that couple reluctant to splurge on that big mirror because they're scared to hang it?
  • Maybe that husband is backing away from buying that fantastic wall sculpture because he doesn't trust his handyman skills. 

Relax - just hand them our business card, and we'll take care of the hanging!  And because your client and your referral are valuable to us, we'll call you to let you know how things went!

And what's more, big heavy mirrors don't faze us. We have strong reliable hanging systems that take all that glass and its ornate frame. 

You needn't lose the sale of that painting or objet d'art your client hankers after just because they don't know how or where to hang it!