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From time to time we get some unusual hanging requests that call for a little ingenuity, some muscle and often a good head for heights.  These are the jobs that even the cleverest home-handyman baulks at.

Now we don’t usually put photos in this section, but with the kind permission of their owners, we present to you a few examples of the challenges we face.


giant 2 metre timber abacus mounted to reinforced wall

This is a 2-metre abacus, which we suspect was once owned by a giant accountant. Being solid timber, it was damned heavy. The owner had thought ahead and had the builders reinforce the wall. Clever!   Special brackets were affixed to the wall to support the weight and lock it into position.

Accuracy was at a premium as we only had one shot at getting it right! And what a talking point it is, though you’d need a pretty long stick to count on it. 




3.7 metre panorama large format photo with hidden frame


Here’s a stunning 3.7 metre long photo.

It was mounted on very bendy acrylic, with a wooden frame glued to the back. It had to be carefully navigated right around the house (watch out for the clothesline!) to get it into the room.

Once there, careful measuring and fixing made sure it hung absolutely straight and secure.  

oil painting hung in small alcove



Many a time we’ve had to shoehorn a painting into an alcove.

These recesses are tricky to work with, because so often we can’t reach behind to hang the painting! But that’s what they’re there for. 




hand crafted turtle sculpture wall mounted


This beautiful hand crafted turtle sculpture had a nifty shell that rotated.  So we couldn’t hold onto that when fixing to an outside wall, only by the very delicate and rather bendy legs. And they were sharp!

But the shimmer off the metal as it flexed ever so gently in the breeze was rather special and well worth the ‘ouch’ factor. 



And finally, check out the photo sequence below.

Two aerial photos had to be cut down the middle and reframed on 3 sides only so each side could butt up to a glass partition in the middle of the back window of this real estate office.

We measured 3 times, did a dry run, and then held our breaths as we mounted each section to the glass wall with instant-stick mirror tape.

Result: a spectacular panorama enlivening a very squeezy space.

plain glass wall prior to mounting aerial photosaerial photos of Mooloolaba mounted to glass wall

aerial photo mounting to glass almost complete


So there you are. When we say Right Hook is a picture hanging service, sometimes there’s more to it than what you would immediately think.