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Benefits - when it's done well it looks good!

Who would use a professional picture hanger?

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Well if you can identify with any of these scenarios, you would! 

It's all too hard! 

  • As one half of a couple - you hardly ever agree on where to hang things, and certainly not how high! You dearly need an independent arbiter.
  • As a collector of family photos - you've accumulated framed photos of the family for so many years it's time for a portrait gallery in your own home - but where to begin?
  • The newly relocated - exhausted by the whole moving house experience you've unpacked the boxes, but now you're left with pictures stacked against the walls. 

When am I supposed to find the time? 

  • Busy professional, busy worker, busy running after kids, busy person full stop - and crying out for someone who can take charge and DO IT.
  • You're away a lot, and need someone to come in, hang what has to be hung, and make it look good on your return. 

Skills &/or equipment...gone missing. 

  • The anxious handyman - that new mirror is certainly bigger and heavier than it seemed in the shop- now it's here at home you're frankly scared to put it up.
  • Haven't the proper tools, never have had the proper tools - and don't intend to get them either. You know where your skills lie, and it's not hanging pictures.
  • Banned for life from the tool shed, you're a bit unhandy in the handyman department - in fact your talents really do lie elsewhere.
  • Of senior years - and consider yourself past the stage of climbing up ladders, and struggling with cumbersome and heavy pictures.

 It's not my job! 

  • As harried business manager or owner - you'd dearly love the corporate art, certificates, registrations and board photos out of the stationery cupboard and up on the walls.  But is anyone volunteering?  I don't think so!
  • Hard-pressed apartment manager or body corporate secretary - who's tired of having to nag, cajole and rally the troops to get things done, and really needs a professional.
Ring any bells?
And of course in the end, you also want what everyone else wants:  
  • Fresh ideas and perspective
  • Someone who listens to what you want
  • Respect for your property and careful handling of your possessions
  • A quick response to your call and clean, tidy, efficient work 
And that's just what we at Right Hook do best!




Mob: 0417 763 956


This Client Said it...

I've hung pictures and artwork on my walls many times.  I've always ended up with the same result - passable, but not exceptional.  The process to get that passable end result is however a nightmare.

I never know where to put the nail, I've used the wrong hanging equipment and on some occasions the picture has fallen down leaving behind devastation on my wall. 

After renovating out last home, I had some lovely big items to hang.  This was clearly out of my league and Right Hook picture hanging service was recommended to me by the framer.  I will never hang another picture or piece of artwork again.  Rob and Janet came into our home and transformed it.  Every piece was in its proper pace - safe, secure and the end result was no longer passable, but was exceptional! 

Thank you Rob and Janet 

Lexie Blair, Coolum Beach