Right Hook Picture Hanging Service

You can trust us to hang your pictures

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Picture Hanging for the Professionals

Do you work in the decorating, framing or art business? 

Or do you build, sell or manage property? 

How often have you been asked whether you know 'someone' who can hang pictures, mirrors or photos?

Imagine if you could say 'yes', confident the firm you recommend is reliable, trustworthy, and dependable.

And just in case you're asked, did we mention we also hang clocks, plaques, ceramics, memorabilia and assorted knick-knacks?

Better yet, what about those times you need the same service for yourself?

We work in homes, apartments, offices, workplaces and resorts here on the Sunshine Coast.  We travel from Cooroy through to Caboolture, and up to the mists of Maleny.  And we can go further afield - by arrangement with you or your client.

 And most importantly, we are discreet - we won't talk about your business to others in your industry!

 See how your business can benefit by using the professionals at Right Hook Picture Hanging Service. 

We are on holiday in Europe from June 14 to August 20

Please don't call or leave a message as we shan't be able to reply.

You can email an enquiry and we will endeavour to respond, but internet access may be patchy.

So please don't be upset if we don't respond quickly.


Mob: 0417 763 956