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Well hello and welcome to Right Hook’s blog.

Picture hanging is one of the more interesting professions. It’s creative, physical and personal.  We engage with our clients whether we’re hanging a mirror, a family photo gallery or fine art.

Most of our work is done in private homes, so we get to meet lots of lovely people, hang some beautiful, unusual and much-loved artwork, and hear lots of personal tales (sometimes over a cuppa and a biscuit).

Sometimes it calls for tact: ‘I never liked that picture you bought.  It’s not going up there’.  Or some better suggestions: ‘Perhaps we could hang it lower – you’ll be able to see the detail then.’  And fulfilling special requests: ‘You’ve done such a lovely job, I’m so pleased, do you think there’s room for another seven pictures? I only just found them.’

It’s all in a day’s work.  So our topics will not just be about hanging pictures, mirrors, memorabilia, artwork and photos, but even related issues – like decorating, picture framing and art restoration.

Expect whatever we like to write that you might like to read.

Another challenging hanging

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Some hanging jobs are not straightforward

Take this exquisite and very heavy piece of inlay marble. It was made in India by the men who maintain the Taj Mahal, so they know their stuff. Our clients fell in love with the piece and just had to have it.

But once home, how to display it? It weighed a hefty 50 kg, was smooth on the back and had no provided means of support. Oh, and it was fragile. To glue, drill or otherwise tamper with it in any way would have been a crime.

The owners contacted us, and together we evolved a brilliant but simple idea. Construct a strong tailor-made metal frame and attach that to the wall, then neatly clip the piece into place. Enter Brian of Metalcraft Wrought iron at Yandina (0408 098 497) who took precise measurements and went off to begin his part of the work.

A few weeks later we all returned to the client’s home. Brian with an incredibly neat frame perfectly turned out and coloured to blend in with the piece.  We attached it to the wall without drama, and ta da! …. the piece fitted perfectly into place.

Brilliant! It’s secure, there are no permanent fixings to potentially damage or devalue the piece and it’s easily removed in the event of wall painting, cleaning or relocation.

And the owners are thrilled.  In this case the ‘Right Hook’ was right; yet wasn’t a hook at all.

Tailor made metal frame installed on wall

Detail of metal frameIndian inlay marble


You'd like us to hang what?

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From time to time we get some unusual hanging requests that call for a little ingenuity, some muscle and often a good head for heights.  These are the jobs that even the cleverest home-handyman baulks at.

Now we don’t usually put photos in this section, but with the kind permission of their owners, we present to you a few examples of the challenges we face.


giant 2 metre timber abacus mounted to reinforced wall

This is a 2-metre abacus, which we suspect was once owned by a giant accountant. Being solid timber, it was damned heavy. The owner had thought ahead and had the builders reinforce the wall. Clever!   Special brackets were affixed to the wall to support the weight and lock it into position.

Accuracy was at a premium as we only had one shot at getting it right! And what a talking point it is, though you’d need a pretty long stick to count on it. 





Time to hang the family photos

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Now the family photos are sorted, it’s time for the exciting part. Hanging them. But first, they have to be arranged BEFORE you even think about banging in the picture hooks!

1900's wedding portrait surrounded older family photos

Lay out the pictures in a large space where you can move them around. Next decide how you’ll group them: by family relationships, in chronological order, or purely by looks.

Most Right Hook clients opt for family groups. It makes it easier to point out who’s related to whom, and pre-empts incorrect assumptions – such as when visitors think your husband resembles one of your great-uncles.


How to frame those pictures now you have a short list

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Well the holidays are over until next time and the Sunshine Coast beaches and streets have returned to normal.  I hope you managed to get started on your photo gallery project.

Last time, we talked about how to begin to create your own portrait gallery. And now it’s time to look at framing and hanging those photos…without breaking the bank.

Firstly, keep in mind; they don’t all have to be done at once! Having accumulated photos over many years, it stands to reason that you would have had them framed over many years. Makes sense doesn’t it?


Start your own portrait photo gallery

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The Sunshine Coast where we live is a tourism hot spot.  So when Easter comes around, instead of fighting the holiday crowds, we delve into cupboards and drawers and think about sorting and framing the latest batch of family photos.

Yes, topping up the portrait gallery is an annual event at the home of Right Hook Picture Hanging.

But we figure it’s a great project for any family. What with digital photos and smart phones and the like, it’s easy to forget to hang pictures on walls. But think back to your parents’ and grandparents’ days, when photos were rare and precious - what a wonderful legacy they left for us to view today.


Avoiding the lonely little picture on a big wall look…and other picture hanging sins.

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Never mind a pub with no beer.  There's nothing so lonesome - in our opinion - as a little picture marooned high up on a big wall.

Or pictures hung far apart in an attempt to fill up a long wall.  Not to mention pictures jammed up so close together your wall looks like your Gran’s patchwork quilt.

On Right Hook’s last blog, we looked at lining up pictures.  But how to decide how far apart those pictures should hang? What about the spacing?

Here’s a taster of some hanging techniques we’ve found effective:


Pictures aren't soldiers. They don't have to be in a straight line.

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When faced with a wall, a number of pictures to hang on it, and an anxious client, there is one conversation we’re bound to have.  And that’s whether we’re going to hang all the pictures with the tops level.

Now, some time ago, we watched an episode of ‘The Renovators’ reality TV show. In it, the contestants had to hang several differently sized pictures on a wall, and the winning criteria were that they were all perfectly level on the top, and equidistant apart.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!  In our humble (but expert) opinion the result looked truly dismal.

Pictures aren’t soldiers on parade, they have personalities and looks all their own. Forcing them to abide by a rigid rule just doesn’t work.

So what does? 


You earned those certificates and awards: you deserve to have them on display.

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Most of us at some time in our lives earn certificates and awards.  They’re given for all sorts of reasons: for being especially brave, doing a good job, achieving excellence or attaining a level of skill.

And for other reasons too: like helping others, creating something special and being best in show.  Even just participating in some cases is enough to get a certificate of appreciation!

Essentially it’s all about recognition.

But whether you choose to display them, now there’s where people do differ.  For while some people put them in a drawer, others want them framed and on display.

Recently, a client in Caloundra who was inordinately proud of her achievements engaged us to help hang up her awards.


Surround yourself with family portraits

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You don’t need a stately mansion to have your own portrait gallery.

But what to do when faced with 20, 30 or 40 (or more) pictures to hang, and the only common theme is they’re all photos of people?  Calling Right Hook picture hanging to make sense of the lot is a start, and that’s our theme for this blog.

Now, we’ve found that hanging these family pictures is much like family gatherings in real life.


Think you have lots of pictures to hang - what about this?

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Here at Right Hook HQ, we’re gearing up for a very big picture hanging. Because mid May heralds the Immanuel Lutheran College Arts Festival, at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.

For several years, Rob has been chief hangman – (a title the school Principal just loves) – all in a voluntary capacity.  Which is ironic – he doesn’t have kids and he’s not a Lutheran.  Yet the positive atmosphere and the great team of volunteers keep him coming back.

But before all the speeches can be made and the cash registers start ringing, there’s 4 days of hard work to put the show on.

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