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Well hello and welcome to Right Hook’s blog.

Picture hanging is one of the more interesting professions. It’s creative, physical and personal.  We engage with our clients whether we’re hanging a mirror, a family photo gallery or fine art.

Most of our work is done in private homes, so we get to meet lots of lovely people, hang some beautiful, unusual and much-loved artwork, and hear lots of personal tales (sometimes over a cuppa and a biscuit).

Sometimes it calls for tact: ‘I never liked that picture you bought.  It’s not going up there’.  Or some better suggestions: ‘Perhaps we could hang it lower – you’ll be able to see the detail then.’  And fulfilling special requests: ‘You’ve done such a lovely job, I’m so pleased, do you think there’s room for another seven pictures? I only just found them.’

It’s all in a day’s work.  So our topics will not just be about hanging pictures, mirrors, memorabilia, artwork and photos, but even related issues – like decorating, picture framing and art restoration.

Expect whatever we like to write that you might like to read.

Home is truly where the 'art is - once you can see it

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 Recently we were called in to do a ‘whole house’ picture hanging.  The clients had moved into their lovely brand-new home and of course, having been together for quite some time, had plenty of pictures to put up.

The problem? Why, where to put them of course.  It’s not just the thought of putting holes in the walls.  Lots of people are scared of putting those holes in the wrong place – which is why they call in a picture hanging service in the first place.  (That, and because they disagree – but that’s another whole story.)

Now this situation can be very annoying, and one that sees a kind of paralysis take over. 


How high do you want that picture?

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If you thought hanging pictures was merely a matter of us just waltzing in, hammer at the ready and tape measure on the hip, think again. When asked to hang your pictures, we usually ask straight off - 'how high do you like your pictures?'.
And that's when the part of our job description that includes counsellor/advisor/umpire comes into play.

Consider this fairly typical exchange:

 Me - “How high would you like me to hang it?”

Him - “A bit higher; no, higher again.”

Her - “No, lower, please.”


Ugly duckling pictures

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One of our regular encounters is hanging a picture that’s an ugly duckling.  These always surface when we hang for people who’ve moved house.

The pictures are finally unpacked. You’ve got us in and between us we’ve placed them. As we put them up, we all keep looking at this one until finally, it’s the only one left.  You really don’t know quite where you want it.

Yes, you love it and you have to keep it!  It was the first picture you ever bought together.  Or your beloved old auntie gave it to you. 


Mirror hanging trends

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Mirrors are the go.  Yes, we here at Right Hook are hanging more and more mirrors as people see the light (groan).

Where did this trend come from?  I’m guessing that once people realised that mirrors didn’t have to be functional – ie reflect the view or lighten up a room – there was no stopping them.

Now we’re hanging mirrors that are works of art in their own right.  They’re funky, they’re fun and many have no frame.  Which presents a few challenges in the hanging stakes.


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