Who Would Use A Professional Picture Hanger?

benefits picture one

Well if you can identify with any of these scenarios, you would! 

It's all too hard!

  • As one half of a couple - you hardly ever agree on where to hang things, and certainly not how high! You dearly need an independent arbiter.
  • As a collector of family photos - you've accumulated framed photos of the family for so many years it's time for a portrait gallery in your own home - but where to begin?
  • The newly relocated - exhausted by the whole moving house experience you've unpacked the boxes, but now you're left with pictures stacked against the walls.

benefit picture two

When am I supposed to find the time?

  • Busy professional, busy worker, busy running after the kids, busy person full stop - and crying out for someone who can take charge and DO IT!
  • You're away a lot and need someone to come in, hang what has to be hung, and make it look good on your return.

Benefit picture three

Skills &/or equipment...gone missing.

  • The anxious handyman - that new mirror is certainly bigger and heavier than it seemed in the shop- now it's here at home you're frankly scared to put it up.
  • Haven't the proper tools, never have had the proper tools - and don't intend to get them either. You know where your skills lie, and it's not hanging pictures.
  • Banned for life from the tool shed, you're a bit unhandy in the handyman department - in fact your talents really do lie elsewhere.
  • Of senior years - and consider yourself past the stage of climbing up ladders, and struggling with cumbersome and heavy pictures.

benefit picture four

 It's not my job!

  • As a harried business manager or owner - you'd dearly love the corporate art, certificates, registrations and board photos out of the stationery cupboard and up on the walls.  But is anyone volunteering?  I don't think so!
  • Hard-pressed apartment manager or body corporate secretary - who's tired of having to nag, cajole and rally the troops to get things done, and really needs a professional.

Ring any bells?

  • And of course, in the end, you also want what everyone else wants:
  • Fresh ideas and perspective
  • Someone who listens to what you want
  • Respect for your property and careful handling of your possessions
  • A quick response to your call and clean, tidy, efficient work

And that's just what we at Right Hook do best!

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