Right Hook Picture Hanging Service

You can trust us to hang your pictures

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Welcome to Right Hook Picture Hanging Service

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Why would anyone need a professional picture hanging service?

After all, there are some perfectly good handymen around and loads of DYO fixtures to choose from!

But most homeowners are proud of where they live and take great care in how they decorate their houses.  These days it's not good enough to throw a few furnishings together and splash a bit of paint around.  And a home isn't complete unless the pictures are up...and up in the right places!

Nor is it good enough to grab the proverbial 6-inch nail and whack up a picture any old how: because the result usually ends up not quite right.  Pictures are too high, there are arguments about what to put where, and some works end up hung in a compromise position that does nothing for them.

Enter Right Hook Picture Hanging Service.  Some years ago, we identified an unmet need on the Sunshine Coast.  One that  specialised in hanging pictures and mirrors. And so we started up Right Hook.

And what's more, if you work in the interior design, gallery or framing industries; you're the owner of a décor shop; or you're an office manager, be sure to check out our Professional Services.

 Whether it's setting up display homes or houses for sale, selling big mirrors, framing artworks or managing the body corporate, we can extend the range of services you can offer to your own clients.

Whether you have an awkward corner of a room, you just can't figure out where to put things, or you don't trust yourself with a heavy item, we can help.

And if you're a professional dealing with pictures in any way, shape or form we can also assist your business operations.