Ta-da! It's time to introduce the new owner of Right Hook, Mike McClughan, and for Janet and Rob to say goodbye and thanks to all our clients for enabling us to enjoy a wonderful 16 years, helping turn houses into homes.

After a year of deferral, retirement is a reality, and we believe we've found in Mike someone well able to provide the same great service you've come to expect of us.

Mike has been hanging pictures on the Gold Coast for 8 years, but recently relocated to the Sunny Coast (wise man), so comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

For those 'repeat offender' clients, thank you especially for using our services time and time again. For those who passed on referrals and those who accepted them, also thank you for having faith in us. We will miss you all, miss hanging your art, miss our conversations, and miss the generosity you have shown.

Right Hook Picture Hanging Service

Some years ago we identified an un-met need on the Sunshine Coast. One that specialised in hanging pictures and mirrors...and so we started up Right Hook in 2007.

But, some may ask (though as you're reading this, not you obviously!), why would anyone need a professional picture hanging service? After all, there are some perfectly good handymen around and loads of DIY fixtures to choose from!

But most homeowners are proud of where they live and take great care in how they decorate their houses. These days it's not good enough to throw a few furnishings together and splash a bit of paint around. And a home isn't complete unless the pictures are up... and up in the right places!

Nor is it good enough to grab the proverbial 6-inch nail and whack up a picture any old how: because the result usually ends up not quite right. Pictures are too high, there are arguments about what to put where, and some works end up hung in a compromise position that does nothing for them.

Whether you have an awkward corner of a room, you just can't figure out where to put things, or you don't trust yourself with a heavy item, we can help.

And if you're a professional dealing with pictures in any way, shape or form we can also assist your business operations. Whether it's setting up display homes or houses for sale, selling big mirrors, framing artworks or managing the body corporate, we can extend the range of services you can offer to your clients. If you work in interior design, gallery or framing industries; you're the owner of a decor shop, or you're an Office Manager, be sure to check out our Professional Services.

We look forward to hanging with you!

Janet & Rob - Right Hook Picture Hanging Service

The founders of Right Hook, Rob James and Janet McCorkill. We have a practiced eye and advise on placement as well as the physical hanging. We turn up on time, we consult readily with you and we are fully insured. We are clean, tidy and professional in every way, respecting your home and your property. We've both had many years experience in the picture framing and art gallery field, and now we bring that expertise to you. We use only the best hardware, and our considerable experience to judge a safe loading.


Right Hook is the professional picture hanging service for your home, office or resort. Whether you’re an experienced professional interior designer or home stager or just someone who wants pictures, mirrors and wall art properly hung. But here are some scenarios if you’re not convinced.

It's all too hard! 

  • As one half of a couple - you hardly ever agree on where to hang things, and certainly not how high! You dearly need an independent arbiter.
  • As a collector of family photos - you've accumulated framed photos of the family for so many years it's time for a portrait gallery in your own home - but where to begin?
  • The newly relocated - exhausted by the whole moving house experience you've unpacked the boxes, but now you're left with pictures stacked against the walls.

It's not my job! 

  • As harried business manager or owner - you'd dearly love the corporate art, certificates, registrations and board photos out of the stationery cupboard and up on the walls.  But is anyone volunteering?  I don't think so!
  • Hard-pressed apartment manager or body corporate secretary - who's tired of having to nag, cajole and rally the troops to get things done, and really needs a professional.

Lack of skills or equipment? 

  • The anxious handyman - that new mirror is certainly bigger and heavier than it seemed in the shop- now it's here at home you're frankly scared to put it up.
  • Haven't the proper tools, never have had the proper tools - and don't intend to get them either. You know where your skills lie, and it's not hanging pictures.
  • Banned for life from the tool shed, you're a bit unhandy in the handyman department - in fact your talents really do lie elsewhere.
  • Of senior years - and consider yourself past the stage of climbing up ladders, and struggling with cumbersome and heavy pictures

I don't have time! 

  • Busy professional, busy worker, busy running after kids, busy person full stop - and crying out for someone who can take charge and DO IT.
  • You're away a lot, and need someone to come in, hang what has to be hung, and make it look good on your return.


Thanks for your patience

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There’s more to hanging pictures than meets the eye!

Before we even pick up a tape measure - much less a drill or hammer - there are a few important things we must do! Such as:

Find out your preferences and which pictures you like the best (and least!)
Assemble pictures into groups that will best showcase them
Check the lighting and aspect of the rooms, and the placement of your furniture

It's not just about hanging a picture, we also:

Come prepared for just about any wall and any object to hang
Install gallery hanging track systems (subject to pre-order and measure)
Change the hangers on any pictures we don’t think are adequate
Add hangers (where possible) when there are none, such as on photo frames
Hang objects, not just pictures! 

We place your pictures with care and thought, so the whole comes together cohesively, pleasingly and with style.
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Ta-da! It's time to introduce the new owner of Right Hook, Mike McClughan, and for Janet and Rob to say good bye and thanks to all our clients for enabling us to enjoy a wonderful 16 years, helping turn houses into homes.

Mike has been hanging pictures on the Gold Coast for 8 years, but recently relocated to the Sunny Coast (wise man), so comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Mike McClughan

Right Hook Picture Hanging

Based on the Sunshine Coast, we are picture hanging specialists. But we don't just hang pictures, we can hang almost anything on a wall... rugs, murals, artefacts, sporting memorabilia, mirrors etc. We can do anything from a collection of pictures, to heavy items, to large pieces, to an entire gallery collection. No picture hanging job is too small, or big, so just ask!

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