Picture Hanging At Home

You’ve been acquiring pictures over the years, now it’s time to put them up on a different set of walls.

But there’s a hitch:

  • You and ‘the other half’ can’t agree on where to put them
  • You’re not even sure they really suit your lovely new home.
  • It could be you’re overwhelmed by the task (and we wouldn’t blame you!)
  • Or you might even be overawed by those freshly painted walls.

Help is at hand! We excel at taking charge so you can move forward.

  • We work together with you to decide which pictures mean the most to you
  • We’re good at arbitration – couples seem to appreciate this aspect!
  • We shuffle things around and get fresh new logical groupings
  • If you’re indecisive, we’re very patient people, - knowing how important this process is to you
  • We’ll advise when a special piece of art would benefit from reframing - and can even make recommendations on where to take your works (we know a number of excellent picture framers all over the Sunshine Coast)
And sometimes, if pictures are tired, faded, dated and due for retirement (and don’t we all have those?), we’ll give permission for you to say ‘goodbye and thanks for the memories’.

As those pictures go up, your new home will be transformed.  The arrangements we make - with your input - will let you see your old pictures in a new light.

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