Mirrors are the go. Yes, we here at Right Hook are hanging more and more mirrors as people see the light (groan).

One of our regular encounters is hanging a picture that’s an ugly duckling. These always surface when we hang for people who’ve moved house.

If you thought hanging pictures was merely a matter of us just waltzing in, hammer at the ready and tape measure on the hip, think again. When asked to hang your pictures, we usually ask straight off - 'how high do you like your pictures?'.

Recently we were called in to do a ‘whole house’ picture hanging. The clients had moved into their lovely brand-new home and of course, having been together for quite some time had plenty of pictures to put up.

Here at Right Hook HQ, we’re gearing up for a very big picture hanging. Because mid-May heralds the Immanuel Lutheran College Arts Festival, at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.

You don’t need a stately mansion to have your own portrait gallery.

When faced with a wall, a number of pictures to hang on it, and an anxious client, there is one conversation we’re bound to have. And that’s whether we’re going to hang all the pictures with the top level.

You don’t need a stately mansion to have your own portrait gallery.

Most of us at some time in our lives earn certificates and awards. They’re given for all sorts of reasons: for being especially brave, doing a good job, achieving excellence or attaining a level of skill.

Never mind a pub with no beer. There's nothing so lonesome - in our opinion - as a little picture marooned high up on a big wall.

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