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Think You Have A Lot Of Pictures To Hang - What About This?

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Here at Right Hook HQ, we’re gearing up for a very big picture hanging. Because mid-May heralds the Immanuel Lutheran College Arts Festival, at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.

For several years, Rob has been chief hangman – (a title the school Principal just loves) – all in a voluntary capacity. Which is ironic – he doesn’t have kids and he’s not a Lutheran. Yet the positive atmosphere and the great team of volunteers keep him coming back.

But before all the speeches can be made and the cash registers start ringing, there are 4 days of hard work to put the show on.

Day 1 sees more than 400 works of art arrive on the doorstep, all before 12noon. Checking them off, sorting them into categories, and allocating temporary storage happens in one space, while meantime, an army of volunteers is transforming the cavernous space of the school’s sports stadium into a smart art gallery.

But how do you decide what to put where? The variety of works is a challenge – from nudes to landscapes, abstracts to still lifes, watercolours to mixed media – and a few others that defy categories. There are giant works and delicate miniatures, diptychs and triptychs, contemplative pieces and out-there wild things. How to hang so many disparate works?

This important task falls to Rob, his trusty assistant Heather and a merry gang of volunteers. Now unlike a house or office, there are egos to consider here. Artists can be a pretty sensitive bunch, and may not take kindly to where they are placed. Each and every work has to be hung sensitively and coherently. It helps the viewers, it helps the judges and it helps sell the works (which is the point of the whole show after all).

After arranging, rearranging, tweaking and finally labelling the countdown begins to Showtime. Ta da…the doors are open, the wine is flowing, the nibbles are being passed around, the school orchestra is playing, and the noise level is rising as 200 people filter in – peering, inspecting, commenting, passing judgement, and yes… buying too.

Speeches are made, thanks are given, congratulations offered and the artwork is still being sold.

Just like a theatrical production, there are players galore in this. Artists - hoping for a sale, an award or at least some recognition. Parents roped into stuff envelopes, sort applications, produce catalogues and call in favours for free publicity, picture framers who work until late and under pressure to get those works ready by the deadlines and the dedicated volunteers who organise the Festival itself.

The show in 2019 will mark the Arts festival’s 39th anniversary. This year it’s on from 23-26 May. And if you want more information, check the website:
And don’t forget to come along. Everyone should have some original art and it’s quality shows like this that you’re sure to find something to love. Just don’t try to book Right Hook to hang any pictures that week.



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