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Another Challenging Hanging

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Some hanging jobs are not straightforward

Take this exquisite and very heavy piece of inlay marble. It was made in India by the men who maintain the Taj Mahal, so they know their stuff. Our clients fell in love with the piece and just had to have it.

But once home, how to display it? It weighed a hefty 50 kg, was smooth on the back and had no provided means of support. Oh, and it was fragile. To glue, drill or otherwise tamper with it in any way would have been a crime.

The owners contacted us, and together we evolved a brilliant but simple idea. Construct a strong tailor-made metal frame and attach that to the wall, then neatly clip the piece into place. Enter Brian of Metalcraft Wrought iron at Yandina (0408 098 497) who took precise measurements and went off to begin his part of the work.

A few weeks later we all returned to the client’s home. Brian with an incredibly neat frame perfectly turned out and coloured to blend in with the piece. We attached it to the wall without drama, and ta da! …. the piece fitted perfectly into place.

Brilliant! It’s secure, there are no permanent fixings to potentially damage or devalue the piece and it’s easily removed in the event of wall painting, cleaning or relocation.

And the owners are thrilled. In this case the ‘Right Hook’ was right; yet wasn’t a hook at all.

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