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How to frame those pictures now you have a shortlist!

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Well, the holidays are over until next time and the Sunshine Coast beaches and streets have returned to normal. I hope you managed to get started on your photo gallery project. Last time, we talked about how to begin to create your own portrait gallery. And now it’s time to look at framing and hanging those photos…without breaking the bank.

Firstly, keep in mind; they don’t all have to be done at once! Having accumulated photos over many years, it stands to reason that you would have had them framed over many years. Makes sense doesn’t it? (Though on the downside, this approach can result in a piecemeal look, with, dare I say it, a little bit of discordant colour and style sneaking in over the years as fashions and your own tastes change. You have been warned.)

But moving on. Top of the list in getting the most pictures up with the least amount of outlay is the ready-made photo frames with a number of openings in a mat board. Depending on the number of photos you‘ve selected, buy several of the one size. This gives some harmony to the arrangement. And you can protect those precious photos while keeping costs down.
On a technical note, select ones that use proper mat board for openings rather than a pretend paper one. You need to keep the photos off the glass or they can stick. If that happens your favourite faces might end up with a missing nose, ear or eye.

Now if you like more of a random and evolutionary look, try op shops for old frames. Who knows, if there are old portraits in them that you like the look of, you might decide to add them to your family and friends on the wall just for fun! You can have a private joke at your friends’ expense as they search for a family resemblance. But again, technically speaking, check the frames are still robust enough to hold the glass and any new hangers can be attached. The corners should be still firm. In other words, old and decrepit doesn’t equal charming and quaint. Avoid buying something that’s falling to bits. The frames have a job to do, so don’t ask too much of them. Gift shops and department stores sell photo frames galore. But bear in mind; you need to be able to hang them, not just stand them up. Unless you like dusting that is. Make sure there are good usable hangers on the back.

The best and most precious photos should be reserved for professional picture framing. You can have double and triple mats with windows cut out for titles, gold fillets, museum glass, suede and marbled papers and period frames that look just the ticket. You’ll be stunned and amazed at what a good framer can achieve. Yes, it costs more – but what do you expect for custom tailoring? (We’ll give you the name of a good framer in your area – just call or email us.)

So… photos - check. Frames - check. Walls - check. Next comes the arrangement. But with all that sorting and printing and finding frames, we’re exhausted. So see our next blog on hints for hanging that gallery.

Or if you’re all fired up and can’t wait until next month, then call in the professional picture hangers like us - your very own Sunshine Coast firm Right Hook Picture Hanging Service.

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