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It's been a long time between Blogs, so sorry about that! The time just seems to have flown, and now here we are, having been through a pandemic and its attendant shutdowns and disruptions, yet finding ourselves busier than ever over the last 3 years.

Early COVID saw many of you stuck at home, sorting through old photos and pictures and generally feeling the need to self-nurture with a nicer environment. Which included new pictures, new paintings, new picture framing and generally new home decor!

And as that wave settled, along came the big migration surge to the Sunshine Coast. Many retirees arrived, moving into brand shiny new homes at the many retirement resorts. Yep, more home decor services called for.

We built this business up over 15 years, so we're pretty proud of our track record. It’s immensely satisfying, enjoyable and yes, sometimes challenging. But rising to those challenges, is why we've been preeminent in this field all this time!


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Mike McClughan

Right Hook Picture Hanging

Based on the Sunshine Coast, we are picture hanging specialists. But we don't just hang pictures, we can hang almost anything on a wall... rugs, murals, artefacts, sporting memorabilia, mirrors etc. We can do anything from a collection of pictures, to heavy items, to large pieces, to an entire gallery collection. No picture hanging job is too small, or big, so just ask!

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