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If you thought hanging pictures was merely a matter of us just waltzing in, hammer at the ready and tape measure on the hip, think again. When asked to hang your pictures, we usually ask straight off - 'how high do you like your pictures?'.

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One of our regular encounters is hanging a picture that’s an ugly duckling. These always surface when we hang for people who’ve moved house.

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Right Hook Picture Hanging Service
Owner/Operators: Janet McCorkill & Rob James 
Address: Bli Bli, Sunshine Coast Queensland 

Right Hook Picture Hanging

Based on the Sunshine Coast, we are picture hanging specialists. But we don't just hang pictures, we can hang almost anything on a wall... rugs, murals, artefacts, sporting memorabilia, mirrors etc. We can do anything from a collection of pictures, to heavy items, to large pieces, to an entire gallery collection. No picture hanging job is too small, or big, so just ask!

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