Professional Hanging Services

Do you work in the decorating, framing or art business? 

Or do you build, sell or manage property? 
How often have you been asked whether you know 'someone' who can hang pictures, mirrors or photos?

Imagine if you could say 'yes', confident the firm you recommend is reliable, trustworthy, and dependable.

And just in case you're asked, did we mention we also hang clocks, plaques, ceramics, memorabilia and assorted knick-knacks?

Better yet, what about those times you need the same service for yourself?

We work in homes, apartments, offices, workplaces and resorts here on the Sunshine Coast.  We travel from Cooroy through to Caboolture, and up to the mists of Maleny.  And we can go further afield - by arrangement with you or your client.

 And most importantly, we are discreet - we won't talk about your business to others in your industry!

 See how your business can benefit by using the professionals at Right Hook Picture Hanging Service.

You Transform Spaces For Others To Enjoy

So you're in the decorating and interior design business.  You sometimes need to call in a professional you can trust.  

  • We'll work quickly, to a time frame and without supervision.
  • Just tell us what you want, give us the address, and we'll be there.
  • Position your pictures, tell us the heights you prefer, and we'll start hanging.
  • Need a quote to put to your clients?  We can do that too.  Just send us the details - how many pictures, what type, what sort of walls, when you want us, and where.
  • And of course, we're reliable, clean, tidy and respectful towards your clients...and we'll even wear your uniform!
You're not in this alone! We can add that finishing touch after you've added your special touch!

You Frame Photo's, Paintings and Canvases For Others To Admire

You're a picture framer - but from time to time you get asked to hang your own creations. 

So you could shut up shop or even work after hours...but do you really want to?
Why not point your clients in our direction instead.  We'll make sure your framed works look a treat on their walls.
We can also collaborate with you while you're framing a piece, such as suggesting special hangers where needed. 
If required, we can help out with frame selection where we've suggested to one of our clients that reframing is in order.
We are happy to recommend good local framers to our clients - and we do get asked! (Though in fairness to you, we wouldn't dream of sending your own satisfied client to someone else!) 
Both your client and your referral are valuable to us.  So it's our policy to call you after a picture hanging is completed and let you know how it went.

With so many years of experience as former picture framers ourselves, we talk your language!

You Sell Artwork, Mirrors & Pictures For Others To Buy

When you own an Art Gallery or Décor Shop, big and beautiful paintings adorn your walls - but out the door, they must go! 

  • Does your client LOVE that big splashy modern canvas ... but won't buy it because she doesn't know where to put it?
  • Is that couple reluctant to splurge on that big mirror because they're scared to hang it?
  • Maybe that husband is backing away from buying that fantastic wall sculpture because he doesn't trust his handyman skills. 
  • Relax - just hand them our business card, and we'll take care of the hanging!  And because your client and your referral are valuable to us, we'll call you to let you know how things went!

  • And what's more, big heavy mirrors don't faze us. We have strong reliable hanging systems that take all that glass and its ornate frame. 

You needn't lose the sale of that painting or objet d'art your client hankers after just because they don't know how or where to hang it!

You Build, Sell & Makeover Houses For Others To Market

Whether you're a home stager, a real estate agent, spec-home builder or unit developer, there's ample scope to use our picture hanging service.  

  • Just tell us when the photographer's coming! We'll work quickly, effectively, tidy up afterwards - and be out before they arrive.
  • Share your vision and we'll help make it happen.
  • If you have a plan, we'll put it into effect.  Yes, even as the furniture is being moved in.
  • No special plan?  We're experienced enough to help out with ideas.
  • If you have to dash off, we'll just go ahead and do what we know we have to do - present the property in its very best light. 
 We're precise, careful and understand your need for efficiency is paramount.

You Manage Complexes For Others To Work & Play In

Calling all Body Corporate Managers, Unit Managers and Office Managers! 

 Sick of a rag-tag bunch of pictures placed willy-nilly? 

  • So are we.  When we hang pictures, we'll even out everything.  Every floor, every hallway and every unit will look smart and professionally presented.
  • Next time an upgrade of your units, common areas or walkways require new pictures and mirrors - call us.  we'll make sure they're hung just right.
Security hanging is something we also recommend and install
  • Because it's no good having those lovely new works of art go walkabout!  
  • Plus the security hanging system we use at Right Hook is subtle, hidden and effective. And you get a control key so you can remove pictures for any reason at any time.
Need to change pictures often?  Maybe you have display space.
  • A gallery hanging track system is just the ticket for changing displays and exhibition spaces.
  • It has a great quick release system so you can easily make fine adjustments on the heights.
  • And you can add drops easily without having to slide everything off at one end.  What could be easier or more sensible?  
When you're too busy to do it yourself, and you lack the right tools or a practised eye, call Right Hook.  From one room to 10 floors, we can help with great-looking and practical solutions.

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